Institute of Semitic Studies in the Media

The Institute is a major scholarly and public forum for Semitic and Afroasiatic Studies recognized nationally and internationally. Its work has caught wide national and international attention, primarily due to its ability to use its limited resources effectively and efficiently. In a little less than a decade, its work was reported in five front-page newspaper stories (New York Times, 3; Trenton Times, 2), and its role discussed in one major editorial (Washington Post). Stories about the work of the Institute have been featured in the Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, and several local, national, and international papers and other media including the BBC.

Scholars Clash Over Origins of Dead Sea Scrolls

November 21, 1989

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Why Mideast Studies in U.S. Deserve Support

July 29, 1989

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Scholars Track the Alphabet With New Precision

November 8, 1988

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About Education; Semitic Scholarship

December 2, 1986

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